Curb Appeal Tips

Curb Appeal Tips: Making the All Important First Impression

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We’ve often heard it said - first impressions are important and often leave a lasting effect. When selling your home, a front exterior and yard that makes a great first impression will peak the interest of potential buyers and make them want to see what’s inside, because they already feel it will be wonderful.  


In contrast, a rundown or tired exterior lessens the chance of buyers stopping to check your home, missing out on what might likely be beautiful interiors.  And if they do take the time to look, they already have a negative feeling about the whole experience.


Improving how your home looks to buyers, even as they drive by is crucial in selling it.   This is calle curb appeal. Your house may initially be just a structure to them. However, an attractive exterior gives them a visual on how it can be a potential home.  More importantly curb appeal helps determine value.


When selling your home, every little improvement you do to its exterior - from a paint job to the hedge that lines your driveway, even to the way your front door looks, pays.  Here are just some ways you can make that all important wonderful first impression when selling your home:

Dress Up Your Front Door









Curb Appeal Tips - Your Front Door


The front entry is what first greets a potential buyer.  It is the focal point of your home’s curb appeal. Installing a custom wood door or giving your existing one a blast of color will make a statement.  In addition, your front door should reflect the home’s interior, so choose an appropriate wreath or swag.


Finally, don’t forget to clean off dirt spots and polish door fixtures.


Replace Old Hardware

Certain elements add style and interest to your home to increase curb appeal.  House numbers, a wall mounted mailbox, porch light fixture, even the entry door lockset add appeal, especially when they reflect the character of your home.


Improve Landscaping

Plants add color and impart a welcoming feel to your home.  Even container gardens add appeal to any home’s exterior - quickly and affordably.  Not only do plants breathe life into a space, they give the impression that your home is well cared for.


If your garden has overgrowth, it is important to tame the foliage - cutting the grass, clearing out dead limbs and dried plants, and trimming foliage that has become unattractive.

Don’t Forget Your Backyard

While the front yard is the first thing people see, the backyard is equally important.  If it can be seen from another street or from your neighbor’s driveway, it does not hurt to include it in your curb appeal makeover.


Clean Everything

When repainting might not be on the budget, a good washing to remove accumulated dirt, grime and moss will be your next best option.


Go for Touch-ups

In much the same way as above, a touch-up that adds contrasting color to your facade will freshen up your home without breaking the bank.


Consider Light Fixtures and Outdoor Lighting

Attractive light fixtures can really add to the appeal of a home even if the lights aren't on.


On the other hand, adding low voltage landscape lighting impacts your home’s curb appeal in a big way while providing safety and security.  This definitely adds value for potential home buyers.


Freshen Up Outdoor Furniture

Outdated or dilapidated outdoor furniture does not help your home’s curb appeal. Any outdoor furniture that’s old and in need of repair should be tossed out or updated.  Adding brightly colored pillows and repainting are budget friendly ways to do this.


Mailbox Makeover

It’s all in the details.  Even a rusty or rickety mailbox may turn-off potential buyers. So, paint it, polish it or if needed, replace it.


Do Not Forget the Garage

A majority of home buyers pay close attention to the garage and how it looks.  It should look seamless and coordinated in relation to the main house, particularly if it’s detached.  While it may be added expense, making improvements to the garage can make your home a real head turner and may pay for itself for the value that it adds to your home’s sale price.

Repair And/Or Clean Off the Roof

Redesigning the profile and pitch of your roof will have a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal. This is admittedly a major expense. You can go for a less extensive and yes, less expensive option of adding dormers. They not only provide better lighting, they also increase interior floor area.

Curb Appeal Tips - In Summary

If you are planning to put your home on the market, you can increase the curb appeal of your property by adding or improving a few elements to your house exterior.  A paint job, new shrubbery or outdoor lighting go a long way in accomplishing this. More than making your home more attractive to potential buyers, curb appeal plays an important role in the valuation of your property.


As an experienced realtor, Mike Kish can give you advice on what improvements you can make that will have the maximum impact on value.  With his network of handymen, gardeners, cleaning crews and affiliated services, he can recommend people who are reliable and offer fair pricing.

Call Mike Kish at 1-951-333-8065 to have your questions answered.

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